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of shadows through the aspen leaves... :iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 4 2 Stillness :iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 2 1 kimono + sushi - Sakura :iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 4 1 nyao face - Sakura Kinomoto :iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 1 1 temp. id -probably- the sequel :iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 0 3 letter to a gou :iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 1 9 old angels :iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 0 8
this mirror shows the truth--
in my eyes you were reflected
closing them desperately,
I thought, with all my heart:
"I want to see you."
Playing (in my mind)
like a movie,
you reach out a hand
"stay with me"
my fingertips still remember
the feel of your skin
as white as snow~
(but it's only an echo)
is your innocence a lie?
in this world of masks,
more than anything,
i want to believe
in that face that displays kindness~
"save me"
still shaking from the memory of that kiss
i search for a glimpse of your white horse--
even the mirror is jealous,
of your lips
as red as blood.
you should know better than to promise things
like happily ever after...
i can't find my prince because
i don't believe in faerytales...
despite those days of saying
"i don't need anyone."
i secretly wished for
a sweeping romance.
I can't run anymore.
I stand here
patiently waiting for the huntsman
to cut out my heart...
once upon a time,
i longed to possess you~
understanding your beauty,
i set you free~
:iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 3 15
Breath from Another
Breath From Another
expanding your chest like a bird,
in a flash of ebony,
let's escape into the deep sky~
i'm not even sure what color your eyes are...
unwavering, we're faster than even the wind--
I hope I can hold on--
Praying that my cold hands are strong enough...
give me
Just a single breath of life
from another
from you
your lips part...
you walk on water
every single movement...
like dancing
i want to cage your innocence
pale and winged like a dove
i can't keep you
over and over
with reverent eyes,
i watch as you burst into flight
please, please, return only to me...
i give whispers to the clouds
even though I know they can't ever catch you.
a single warm breath--
we can both dance...
gliding across your skin,
my fingertips paint the color of snow
a bright red...
you've returned to me...
this passion which cannot be stifled drives
movement in beauty--
arched and graceful~
slow down...
in your eyes I can see flying,
and the sky's reflection
the door closes on this empty
:iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 2 17
Old SE cover :iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 1 4 stop gap id :iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 2 14
"please, don't leave yet."
while looking at your outstretched hand
i started humming a love song
i think we're just a sad melody...
with warmth and coldness...
your hopeful smile did nothing to convince me...
of what is wrong and right.
no one ever told me it would be this difficult...
i wondered if i could go back
to that simple time
when i would just write you letters...
and never send them.
someday everything is abandoned.
in a few short seconds i lost everything i ever had.
i still waited for your letter.
it isn't coming is it?
i'll remember your innocent face.
grasping at the definition of a miracle
i realised i didn't care,
i still thought you were beautiful
that day dawned with a clouded-over sky
despite the lingering green,
i saw a lone tree bursting with autumn's colors
it reminded me of you...
this warmth and coldness remains...
as you appear and vanish in front of me like magic.
i feel like if i open my eyes wide enough
i can still see you shining...
it's a mirag
:iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 1 17
the gleeman -kaze no youni-
the gleeman~kaze no you ni~
the bustle around me never ceases...
this crowd--blades of grass...
i am a stray leaf, taken by the wind...
slowly, slowly, begin an incomparable journey...
this liberation is what they call "freedom" isn't it?
once again you've saved me without even trying
this silent service belongs to you...
do you remember?
so many years ago you told me a story....
spinning words like a wheel...
i had the feeling that I was going back in time...
my great escape from that unbreakable prison...
the dark sky in daytime looms threateningly...
this autumn wind reveals the sun before covering it again like a silver blanket.
I felt scared being ripped away from the tree,
but really I've escaped, haven't i?
You say "don't push away, open your eyes, see the places the wind takes you--
and the person holding their hand out as if to catch...
maybe someday you'll understand this blessing..."
I owe you so much...
It wasn't meant to happen like this--
Like a tearful survivor,
I'm stil
:iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 0 0
Yuurei no Monogatari
yuurei no monogatari~ghost story~
where have you been?
who are you with?
there are so many whispers
like tiny little breezes
they form a drift for your heart...
I should let go--
when this is over i'll be able to tell you another sad story
I remembered you again suddenly
is another season ending?
it's been so long without you--
this emptiness became almost comfortable...
I want to let go--
but I'm afraid of a painful ending...
I've learned to ignore when it hurts,
but I can't help but notice you've stopped sharing secrets...
I've learned to embrace loneliness and hide weakness...
even still this masked heart will eventually explode...
~I only pretended to be that strong~
I've been here before...
my footsteps feel familiar...
how many times will I make this same journey?
I'm just going to stop halfway...
I don't want to meet you here...
I need to turn around, let go,
my back becomes a wall that shuts out memories...
I've learned to ignore when it hurts,
but I can't help but notice you'v
:iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 0 0
You taste like earl grey~
full and slightly bitter...
you wake me up,
like caffeine~
with a haunting memory...
your touch is like fire
on my frozen skin...
your movements...
fluid, like rain.
I'm melting into this shifting season~
freezing and thawing
in endless tragedy...
as if I can still feel you,
as if you never leave,
your landscape is always changing...
like a maze,
you cannot be mapped with numb fingers...
you told me:
"don't let go, my rabbitt"
and suddenly,
it became impossible to hold on...
falling into the ocean,
I became your island...
you attacked my shores,
landing gracefully,
you conquered me like a pirate...
are you protecting me,
or destroying me?
you looked at me as if starving,
and said "what's the difference?
give me more of you."
your passion flows into me
like sweet wine
I hear a faint whisper...
"are you asleep?"
your scent and mine are one now...
rushing through twilight...
instead of telling me what you want,
you start drawing circles in the sand...
:iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 0 0
Illuminated in a sudden flash
you became burned into my memory
like an afterimage
I stepped away from reality~
If I slip behind that glass
I'll drown in eyes that swallowed midnight.
Instead of becoming clearer,
the pouring rain distorted everything.
"I've been waiting for you"
your voice is a seductive whisper~
it's slipping through my fingers,
this determination I try to capture
with both hands
Instead of becoming observant,
your beauty distracts me from everything...
...exquisite in twilight...
are you light or darkness?
like wet asphalt,
your ebony hair glistens wetly
that place in your arms that I long for
is dangerous~
a rainbow shatters like delicate glass...
surrendering to the deafening thunder,
your touch strikes my skin like lightening...
this scent, like a drug on the wind,
is yours, isn't it?
shivering violently,
your falling desires
become my only source of soaking warmth...
if we continue melting into each other,
our flood will wash away
even the burning stars
:iconmienaiusagi:mienaiusagi 0 1


+Scars+ :iconlarienne:larienne 5,543 240 Atropine :iconeikoweb:eikoweb 418 25 Fall In The West Elks :iconkkart:kkart 1,230 72 Touching The Clouds :iconkkart:kkart 228 9 Curse of the Black Sun :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 4,578 0 Ghosts :iconeldanis:Eldanis 1,555 57 Ruze: Apparition :iconalgenpfleger:algenpfleger 6,588 159 XI :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 4,028 116 Summer in Granada :iconinviv0:INVIV0 1,085 57 Beautiful Soul :iconemilysoto:EmilySoto 170 5 Alone in the Light :iconmikkolagerstedt:MikkoLagerstedt 549 26 Shine :iconm-eralp:m-eralp 702 42 Over The Trees :iconburtn:Burtn 1,515 88 But a Dream Within a Dream :iconkingabritschgi:KingaBritschgi 3,338 440 Connected :icontaho:taho 1,858 49 London :icondaroz:daRoz 2,606 89



mienaiusagi's Profile Picture
United States
"My eye has seen its fill,
and my soul feels no fear.

I'm lion-hearted.
I shine like Venus."

Current Residence: Denver, Colorado
Favourite genre of music: i like lots of everything (except country, and maybe polka)
Favourite photographer: Hideo Canno
Favourite style of art: manga, art nouveau, grace in movement, music~
Operating System: forsbot 3000!
MP3 player of choice: archos <3 (and media monkey)
Shell of choice: abalone :-P
Wallpaper of choice: gareth malone,harry potter,kyle cumiskey,snow,momiji,sakura,far-off places,CLAMP's art,Mucha
Skin of choice: mine....
Favourite cartoon character: Yukito <3, kakyou <3, Trevor <3, Shinji Ikari, Juri Arisugawa, Eagle Vision, Yuhi, etc.
Personal Quote: "It is impossible to go through life without hurting anyone else..."
  • Listening to: Imogen Heap - Sparks
  • Reading: "Wired for Joy" Laurel Mellin

"Heart, Lungs, Soul, arteries and all...shoulder at the ready, vital organs on call."

Busy time busy life.
I keep meaning to update here, there and everywhere.

Failing a little bit each time.

Even though I am years into it, some part of me still doesn't (and never will, i'd guess) believe I am an adult.
But I am.

I have so many ideas and interests and projects, but so little time to do, and grow and entertain them.

Amateur photography - thousands of pictures to sort thru (from a myriad of locations), and edit in Lightroom and PS.  Print more Postcards, prints and Greeting cards of my work to send and sell.

Puribooks - Still have to finish the last of my purikura books, and since Q club is now closed, it seems it may be back to puricute for these.  These were so therapeutic, and I miss them.  Plus, stickers! and instax <3 Maybe I'll post the scans here.
I have to finish the scans too.

Photobooks - I have countless instax and regular photos to make into memory books ranging back to dec 2012 - gouchan's visit, my buffalo visits, mako-chan's visit...seeing liese and kris...misc fun times.
I did draw hello kitty as godzilla and am working on the denver skyline and chibi gou and bunni in much adventure for the gouchan visit one (Gonna draw chibi me as princess peach! mario! sonic! pacman! <3) but no eta on getting down to business on it, and no forseeable date on finishing it.
plus cool effect ideas (embossing) and nice letter art for the buffalo 2012 one.

So much has changed and flown up since then.  Lots of bird wings fluttering.  So many colours. Feathers in all directions.

Trying to get (back) into art journaling and just journaling in general.  Only about 10% successful (but that's something!). Working on mixed media, collage, watercolor...

ephemeral art projects - got a bunch of these half done, on hiatus with no foreseeable complete date.  Sad.  The crash of my netbook last year means I have to do the story work all over again.  :/

Epistolary novel titled "Address Undeliverable"
Working on this in fits and starts.  Story is building more in my head every for it will have to wait.  Considering that I am also building my skills, that's probably a good thing.

Kokonoka - still my baby <3  Missing her and wanting to work on her more and more.  Would still love it to be a manga, but am currently working to put it as a series of novels regardless.  Crimson Star will follow.

As Yet Untitled Fantasy Novel - Playing in someone else's sandbox...took it on as a primer to write...did help until life interfered.  Would def love to finish it.

Postcrossing and Pen Pals - really loved this, and want to get back into it.  Need to make time.  I super recommend postcrossing to anyone who loves to travel and has time for writing postcards.

Scrapbooks for Vietnam and Hawaii - was really pleased with the one i did for my dad and stepmum's wedding.  They are nice and relaxing to do and make a great memory of big trips.

Memory Book for my dearly departed maman - I miss that kitty and I can't believe it's been 3 years. I have so many pictures and memories I need a place for.  Loved her so much.

Willow and Wall-e adventures - random Idea I had for drawing practice - my current two furballs of love in little silly comic adventures. Because, cats <3

Still drawing manga! at random times! in random places!  Was doing well with getting back into it for a while, then...less and less.  Still on the top of tops list to do and get better at.  forever and ever.

Le Petit Prince Shadowboxes - Already have most (probably all) of the materials, just need to make this a reality.  Actually excited to work on this, truly adore the book, but it's far down the list.

Japanese Calligraphy - Really fallen off with this T_T I miss it.  Want to also integrate it with chinese brush watercolor.  Learning. Do play occasionally on work notes and practice sheets.

Hand Lettering - will be able to work this into photobooks and comics for practice.  Been doing some on letters.  Have a class waiting for me for a larger project on skillshare.  Need.more.hours. in a day.

Handmade cards - falls in with ephemeral art, but is outside the projects, winter and autumn mostly, some for rumi quotes I heart, some to sell.

Poetry/Lyrics - Miss this too, long road to get back.  Bits and pieces.  Doesn't flow like it used to.  Oh life, how you have changed me.

Piano - writing music has slowed to less than a dribble, but I am still working on learning Belladonna no Wana ().  Despite the inconsistency of going to lessons and practice, the progress on this is pretty impressive to me...Recital this year is unlikely, but possibly next :)  Was learning Blue () and got halfway thru, but needed a break.  The complexity of it is pretty big.  

Not specifically creative but want to tackle 101 things in 1001 days at some point.  Will likely have tons of creative projects on it.
(maybe I have too many interests/hobbies ^_^/;;;)

August has already been crazy and will only get busier.
Doctor's appointments (need xrays on my wonky elbow), unexpected vet visits (poor wall-e ;-; ), acclimating the cats, fitness regimen (swimming, walking, piyo, pilates) looking for apartments, packing to move...

At the end of August, Daniel's brother is getting married and we have to fly to DC for a whirlwind few days (Including meeting up with Kagome ^o^~<3)  His uncle is also visiting before.  Still working every day, sometimes more than 8 hours. Commuting (though I do love working downtown). yay.

Then by end of September, my lease is up (I will miss my apartment so much T_T)...and Daniel and I will be moving in together.
Hoping for something in Glendale, or Denver or the Baker Neighbourhood(s) 4 cats! all in one place!
Giant steps are giant.  Scary...but being a grown up is scary.  Emotional, Nostalgic...words I can’t muster.

He's been living here a year now, and by then we will have been together almost 2 years, and known each other like 13 or 14. (how did it get so late so soon?)

It will be nice to still have my own space (a craft/art room!), and to decorate the space (alice! tree collage! black and white photos! old buffalo prints! Liese and Kris art! copious amounts of books and bookcases! bunnies!)

It should hopefully make things easier and a little less hectic too.

That being said, I will be glad when it's October, and we're settling in, and next all we have to look forward to is heading home to Buffalo and seeing everyone in November.

Next year! London! (or possibly Prague).

Memories float in and out, ashes and dandelion puffs, burst of blossoms, rainbows.
I remember. And I long and I miss, and there are many many things.
Childhood hides so well, that pieces fall away.
raindrops. clouds.
thunder. lightening.

I dance.

Keep looking up.

People, too.
So many years, so many things.
how far we've come. ignoring completely time and distance.
we've grown up.

So many steps have brought me here, and you there.
I remember the feel of the cold wind of autumn, the frantic chaos of summer, the silent peace and wonder of winter, the crystalline drops of spring.
I remember our naiveté and our competition and our longing to be great and do greater.

I remember saying farewell to you then, as that woman sang out into the universe, and I sang along with her.

Her songs are still in my closed heart. protected, everyday.

Places, smells, the haze and low light of autumn comes now.
replacing the desperate heat of summer.
I remember that music.
The drifting song brings me right back to that moment.

In a life like this, so many moments.
Ever moving onward.
I weep for these things left behind.
I revere them.
I abandon them
I hold them so close.

Enough rambling.
Stay playful kittens.
Not even sure who is still here.  See you in another year (maybe less, maybe more.)
everyday is so busybusy.


RIP Robin Williams.
My heart will miss you.
The child I was will miss you ever more.

"be still with me - 
if you want to be alone
if you'd rather die than tell,
you know, where i'll be
where to find me.
for hard talk.
to call it off, or bring it on...a proposal, 

if you're broken
i'll be here...i'll be here.


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